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Dr. Ghaith Benhsen

Dr. Ghaith Benhsen

Consultant (Medical Science)​

Genesis Research Consultancy Limited (GRCL)

Phone: +34673541747


Dr. Ghaith Benhsen stands as a beacon of inspiration in the realm of global health and medical consulting, making significant contributions to Genesis Research Consultancy Limited (GRCL) and beyond. His journey, marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge, unwavering dedication to community service, and a profound commitment to advancing healthcare outcomes, is a testament to his exemplary character and professional prowess.

Education and lifelong learning of Dr. Ghaith Benhsen

Dr. Benhsen‘s academic journey commenced at the University of Monastir in Tunisia, where he embarked on his path towards a Degree in Dental Medicine, laying the foundation for his future endeavors at GRCL. His thirst for knowledge led him to pursue a Master’s degree in Global Health at ISGlobal Barcelona in partnership with the University of Barcelona, Spain, a journey that aligns with GRCL’s commitment to staying abreast of global health trends. This academic pursuit serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment to staying abreast of emerging trends and best practices in healthcare delivery, enriching the consultancy’s projects with the latest insights and methodologies.

In addition to his formal education, Dr. Benhsen has proactively sought out opportunities to expand his horizons through remote scientific courses, further enhancing his contributions to GRCL’s research initiatives. From delving into the intricacies of Stem Cells to exploring the intersection of dental medicine and global health through courses offered by prestigious institutions like the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, he has continuously enriched his knowledge base. Moreover, his attainment of a FIFA Medical Diploma underscores his versatility and readiness to explore diverse facets of the medical domain, enhancing his capacity to address multifaceted challenges encountered at GRCL.

Associative and volunteering endeavors of Dr. Ghaith Benhsen

Dr. Benhsen‘s dedication to community service and advocacy is ingrained in his DNA and extends into his work at GRCL, reflecting the consultancy’s ethos of social responsibility. From his formative years, he has been actively involved in associative and volunteering activities, demonstrating a deep-seated commitment to making a positive impact on society. His journey began with the Tunisian Scouts, where he cultivated essential leadership and teamwork skills while organizing events and activities, skills he continues to apply in his collaborative efforts at the consultancy.

Subsequently, Dr. Benhsen’s involvement with Junior Chamber International and the Tunisian Association of Dental Students provided him with platforms to amplify his contributions, and experiences that inform his approach to team dynamics and project management at GRCL. As an organizing member of the Annual Conferences of Dental Students, he played a pivotal role in fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange within the dental community, experiences that have honed his ability to facilitate meaningful dialogue and consensus-building at the consultancy.

Driven by a desire to empower underprivileged communities, Dr. Benhsen spearheaded initiatives such as the Young Tunisian Coders Academy, aimed at introducing coding and machine operation concepts to disadvantaged youth, initiatives that reflect GRCL’s commitment to inclusive education and capacity building. Furthermore, his participation in the I Believe in Science project exemplifies his commitment to promoting scientific literacy and bridging linguistic barriers by translating scientific articles into Arabic for a wider audience, embodying GRCL’s dedication to knowledge dissemination and accessibility.

Professional experience and internships of Dr. Ghaith Benhsen

Dr. Benhsen’s professional journey is characterized by a diverse array of experiences spanning both public and private healthcare sectors, experiences that have equipped him with the skills and insights necessary to drive impactful initiatives at GRCL. As part of his dental training, he completed internships at various Tunisian health facilities, including the multi-specialized dental clinics of the Faculty of Dental Medicine of Monastir, La Rabta Hospital, and the Military Health Complex of Grand Tunis, experiences that directly inform his contributions to GRCL’s healthcare research projects.

Subsequently, Dr. Benhsen transitioned to the private sector, where he honed his clinical skills while serving communities in the southern region of Tunisia, experiences that deepened his understanding of healthcare delivery models and patient-centered care, enhancing his contributions to GRCL’s consulting projects. However, it was Dr. Benhsen’s foray into the humanitarian and global health fields that truly shaped his professional trajectory, and experiences that directly informed his contributions to GRCL’s international projects and collaborations.

Today, as a valued member of the GRCL team, Dr. Benhsen leverages his wealth of experience and expertise to drive impactful initiatives that transcend geographical boundaries, initiatives that reflect GRCL’s commitment to global collaboration and innovation. His multidisciplinary background uniquely positions him to navigate complex healthcare challenges and devise innovative solutions that drive meaningful change, contributions that directly advance the consultancy’s mission of improving health outcomes worldwide.

Authorship and research of Dr. Ghaith Benhsen

Dr. Benhsen’s scholarly pursuits have been characterized by a deep commitment to advancing the frontiers of dental medicine and global health, contributions that directly inform GRCL’s evidence-based approach to project delivery. His thesis on “The contribution of PRP and PRF in dental medicine” stands as a testament to his rigorous research acumen and dedication to evidence-based practice, insights that directly inform GRCL’s clinical research projects and publications.

Currently, Dr. Benhsen is engaged in a scoping review on the effect of corporatization of dentistry on health outcomes, an initiative that directly addresses GRCL’s interest in understanding the broader socio-economic factors shaping healthcare delivery and underscores its commitment to driving evidence-based policy reforms. This endeavor reflects Dr. Benhsen’s keen interest in translating research findings into actionable insights that drive positive change, contributions that directly inform GRCL’s thought leadership efforts and strategic recommendations for clients.

Language proficiency and technical skills of Dr. Ghaith Benhsen

Dr. Benhsen’s proficiency in multiple languages, including Arabic, French, English, and basic Spanish, has been instrumental in facilitating effective communication and collaboration across diverse cultural contexts, skills that directly enhance GRCL’s ability to engage with global stakeholders and forge meaningful partnerships. His ability to converse fluently in these languages enables him to navigate complex negotiations and bridge cultural divides, skills that directly inform GRCL’s international projects and collaborations.

Moreover, Dr. Benhsen possesses a diverse array of technical skills, ranging from proficiency in software such as Redcap, Stata, Zotero, Kumu, and Atlasti to mastery of the Microsoft Office suite, skills that directly support GRCL’s data management and analysis efforts. These technical competencies, coupled with his problem-solving prowess and exceptional communication skills, render him a highly effective medical consultant capable of navigating complex challenges with precision and poise, contributions that directly advance GRCL’s reputation for excellence and innovation.

Dr. Ghaith Benhsen’s exemplary journey from a dental medicine student to a pioneering medical consultant at Genesis Research Consultancy Limited exemplifies the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and purpose. His unwavering commitment to lifelong learning, community service, and scholarly inquiry serves as a guiding light for aspiring healthcare professionals worldwide, contributions that directly advance GRCL’s mission of improving health outcomes worldwide. As he continues to chart new frontiers in global health and medical consulting, Dr. Benhsen remains steadfast in his mission to drive positive change and improve health outcomes for communities around the globe, contributions that directly enhance GRCL’s impact and legacy.

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