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For Journals

At Genesis Research Consultancy Limited (GRCL), we offer a range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of academic and scientific journals. We understand that maintaining the quality, integrity, and visibility of a journal is paramount. For journals, we provide the following services:

What we do for journals? For journals, we support new journal launches, policy formation, revision, indexing, technical, English, copyediting, plagiarism checking.
For journals 

New Journal Launch Assistance

We assist in the establishment of new journals across various subject domains. Our services include facilitating the acquisition of essential registrations such as ISSN and DOI, ensuring a smooth start for your journal.

Policy Formation Support

We offer guidance in the development of editorial policies for your journal. Our expertise ensures that your policies align with industry standards and best practices.

Policy Revision and Alignment

We help in revising and aligning journal policies with the guidelines set by authoritative bodies such as COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics), DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), Scopus, WoS (Web of Science), ICJME (The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, CLOCKSS, Sherpa Romeo, and other archiving and indexing authorities. This ensures that your journal meets the highest ethical and quality standards.

Indexing Advocacy

We advocate for the inclusion of journals in various indexing databases. From submission to acceptance, we work to ensure that your journal is accepted and recognized by reputable indexing databases, increasing its visibility and impact.

Copyediting Services

Our team provides professional copyediting for accepted manuscripts. We ensure that the content is clear, consistent, and adheres to academic writing standards, enhancing the quality of published articles.

Native English Editing

With native English speakers on our team, we offer English editing services for accepted manuscripts, ensuring that the language is precise and publication-ready.

Technical Editing for Science Manuscripts

We provide specialized technical editing for manuscripts in the science domain. Our experts ensure that the content is accurate, well-structured, and meets the standards of scientific communication.

Plagiarism Checking

We employ plagiarism detection tools, such as Turnitin, to check submitted manuscripts for originality and to prevent any potential issues with academic integrity.

Indexing and Archiving Support

For journals based in Bangladesh, India, and Malaysia, we assist in the indexing or archiving of journal content on platforms such as PKP OJS inclusion, enhancing the accessibility and recognition of your journal within these regions.

Our services for journals encompass a wide range of support, from inception to publication. We ensure that your journal adheres to ethical and quality standards, maximizes its reach through indexing, and delivers high-quality, well-edited content to readers and the academic community.


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