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For Researchers & NGO

For researchers and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)

Genesis Research Consultancy Limited (GRCL) offers specialized services to meet the research and project needs of both researchers and non-government organizations (NGOs projects). We understand the importance of quality research and effective project management. Here are the services we provide,

Services For Researchers & NGO
For Researchers & NGO

Tailored Project/Research Proposal and Expression of Interest (EOI) Preparation

We specialize in crafting project and research proposals, as well as Expression of Interest (EOI) documents, customized to your specific requirements and subject domain. Our expertise is particularly focused on social and scientific research, ensuring that your proposals and EOIs are comprehensive and well-structured.

Personnel Recruitment Advocacy

We provide guidance and advocacy for the recruitment of personnel for your projects or within your NGO. Our support helps in assembling the right team with the necessary expertise and skills to carry out your initiatives effectively.

Project Research Design

We assist in the formulation of a robust research design for your projects. A well-structured research design is vital for achieving your research objectives effectively and provides a strong foundation for your initiatives.

Site Selection Support

Choosing the right sites for your projects is crucial for the success of your initiatives. We offer assistance in the site selection process, ensuring that the chosen locations align with your project’s goals and research requirements.

Consultation for Project and Research Issues

We are here to address any challenges or issues that may arise during the project or research lifecycle, from proposal preparation to the final report submission. Our consultancy services provide solutions and guidance for a smooth research journey.

Final Report Writing

Crafting the final report for your project or research is a critical step in documenting your findings and outcomes. We offer expert support in writing comprehensive and well-structured final reports that effectively communicate your achievements and insights.

Our services for researchers and NGOs projects are designed to streamline the entire research and project management process. We empower you with the tools and expertise needed to successfully plan, execute, and report on your initiatives, ensuring that your work makes a meaningful impact in your chosen field and contributes to your organization’s goals.

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