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New Journal Launch Services

Launching a new academic journal is a significant undertaking, and it requires meticulous planning and execution to ensure its success. Genesis Research Consultancy Limited (GRCL) offers comprehensive “New Journal Launch Services” to support and guide you through the entire process of introducing your new academic journal to the scholarly community.

New Journal Launch Services for Editors

Our Services Includes

Market Research

We conduct thorough market research to identify the demand and niche for your journal within the academic community. This step is crucial for understanding the target audience and shaping your journal’s focus.

Journal Conceptualization

Our team assists in conceptualizing your journal’s mission, scope, and objectives. We help you define your journal’s unique selling points and establish its identity in the market.

ISSN Number Registration

We help the publisher or journal entrepreneur to get a valid ISSN and e-ISSN number from the ISSN portal. 

Editorial Board Selection

We aid in selecting an expert editorial board, which is instrumental in maintaining the quality and reputation of your journal. Our experts guide you in assembling a panel of renowned scholars in your field.

Peer Review System Setup

We help you establish a robust and efficient peer review system, ensuring high-quality, unbiased evaluations of submitted articles.

Manuscript Management System

We recommend and assist in setting up a user-friendly manuscript management system to streamline the submission, review, and publication processes.

Journal Website Development

Our team can create an attractive and functional website for your journal, providing a professional online presence for authors and readers.

Indexing and Abstracting Services

We guide you through the process of getting your journal indexed in prestigious databases, including Google Scholar, Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS),  DOAJ, Scopus, Web of Science and more enhancing its visibility.

Journal Promotion Strategies

We develop marketing and promotion strategies to attract submissions, readers, and subscribers to your journal.

Quality Control

Our experts ensure that the published content adheres to high editorial and ethical standards, maintaining the integrity and credibility of your journal.

Timely Launch

We work diligently to ensure that your journal is launched on schedule, allowing you to start building your readership and reputation promptly.

Why Choose Our New Journal Launch Services

Experience and Expertise

With years of experience in the academic publishing industry, we possess the knowledge and expertise to guide you effectively.

Customized Approach

We tailor our services to meet your journal’s unique goals, ensuring a successful launch.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Our services save you time and effort by providing a structured and efficient approach to journal creation.

Credibility and Trust

Partnering with GRCL adds credibility to your new journal, reassuring authors and readers of its quality.

Comprehensive Support

From initial planning to ongoing management, we provide comprehensive support throughout your journal’s lifecycle.

Global Reach

We have a global network, allowing your journal to reach scholars and researchers worldwide.

If you’re embarking on the exciting journey of launching a new academic journal, GRCL‘s “New Journal Launch Services” will guide you through every step of the process. Start your journal’s journey with confidence, and ensure its successful establishment in the academic world.

Contact us to discuss your journal launch requirements and objectives.

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