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Andrew McNaughton

Andrew McNaughton

Mr. Andrew McNaughton

Consultant (NGOs, Nature Positive Food Systems, and the Circular Economy)
Genesis Research Consultancy Limited


Andrew McNaughton’s career in international development spans four decades, marked by dedication, leadership, and a commitment to sustainable and equitable development.

Currently serving as the Consultant (NGOs, Nature Positive Food Systems, and the Circular Economy) at Genesis Research Consultancy Limited, McNaughton continues to channel his wealth of experience into projects that drive positive change, particularly in the areas of natural resources management, nature-positive food systems, micro and small enterprise development and the circular economy.

A Canadian and British citizen, Andrew McNaughton embarked on his professional career with a master’s degree in Environment from the Institute for Resource and Environment Studies at Dalhousie University in Canada. His master’s degree is complemented by a certificate in environmental economics from the Harvard Institute for International Development. His academic foundation laid the groundwork for a career focused on the intersection of environmental sustainability, economic development, and social equity.

In 1994, McNaughton’s work in South and Southeast Asia led him to Cambodia, where he took on the role of Resident Senior Program Officer at the International Development Research Centre of Canada. This marked the beginning of his deep engagement with the Cambodian development landscape. In this capacity, he played a pivotal role in establishing and directing IDRC‘s Country Program in Cambodia. His initiatives were designed to foster applied research capacity within key ministries, including Environment; Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries; Rural Development; Women’s and Veterans’ Affairs; Posts and Telecommunications; and the Council for the Development of Cambodia.

One of McNaughton’s notable achievements during this period was the design and implementation of programs aimed at enhancing research capabilities not only at the national level but also at the provincial and NGO levels. His vision extended beyond the theoretical, as he actively contributed to the development of practical solutions and strategies to address pressing issues in Cambodia. His efforts were instrumental in fostering collaboration between local and international professionals, creating a collaborative framework that prioritized ecological sustainability, ecosystem analysis, resource assessment, and enterprise growth, especially in the domains of agriculture and aquaculture value chains, and among agricultural cooperatives and indigenous communities.

As part of his responsibilities, McNaughton established and managed IDRC’s local office in Phnom Penh, solidifying his on-the-ground commitment to the projects and initiatives he spearheaded. His role required not only strategic vision but also direct supervisory responsibilities for local staff and international consultants. This experience honed his leadership and management skills, positioning him as a seasoned professional capable of navigating the complexities of development programming in a post-conflict emerging economy.

In 1997, McNaughton transitioned into the role of a freelance consultant, broadening his scope to encompass ASEAN and the broader Asian region. Drawing on his extensive experience, McNaughton has cultivated a professional network that spans both local and international spheres, ensuring access to diverse skills in ecology, ecosystem analysis, resource assessment, enterprise growth, and planning.

Genesis Research Consultancy Limited has become the latest platform for Andrew McNaughton’s expertise. In his current role as a Consultant (NGO and Development), he brings a multi-faceted approach to development work. His goal is to ethically maximize returns to shareholders and stakeholder communities, a commitment that aligns with his broader vision of contributing to sustainable and equitable development.

The core of McNaughton’s professional ethos is rooted in his dedication to sustainable development. Small enterprises, supply chain management, regenerative agriculture, and women’s empowerment emerge as focal points. By emphasizing these aspects, McNaughton seeks not only economic growth but also the creation of a robust foundation for improved livelihoods, especially in rural areas. His strategic approach involves actively participating in and supporting regional nature-positive food system initiatives, contributing to the broader goal of creating a balance between economic progress and ecological sustainability. As an example, the soil microbiome emerges as a critical element in agro-ecosystem management.

A testament to his global perspective, McNaughton’s consultancy work extends beyond Cambodia, reflecting his commitment to development across the Asian region. His ability to mobilize and manage teams of technical personnel showcases a leadership style that is collaborative, adaptive, and responsive to the unique challenges presented by each project. This approach positions him as a sought-after consultant capable of delivering results in diverse and dynamic contexts.

Residing in Phnom Penh, Andrew McNaughton retains the flexibility to travel extensively—a testament to his unwavering commitment to hands-on engagement with the projects he undertakes. His journey from the corridors of academia to the forefront of international development reflects a career marked by continuous learning, adaptability, and a steadfast belief in the transformative power of sustainable development practices. As he continues to shape the trajectory of Genesis Research Consultancy Limited‘s initiatives, Andrew McNaughton stands ready to contribute his expertise and leadership.

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