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Md. Rakib Hassan

Md. Rakib Hassan

Director of Legal Affairs
Genesis Research Consultancy Limited
Phone: +8801929606756

Md. Rakib Hassan, Advocate at the Judge Court in Dhaka, concurrently serves as the Director of Legal Affairs at Genesis Research Consultancy Limited. A distinguished professional, he completed his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the University of Chittagong. Currently associated with the esteemed law firm, “THE Legal Edge,” he specializes in Banking and Company matters.

In his role at “THE Legal Edge,” he is entrusted with significant responsibilities, including representing clients in various courts across Bangladesh. His duties extend to case filing, navigating through case proceedings, conducting negotiations with diverse parties on behalf of financial institutions, banking companies, and others. He is actively involved in providing legal opinions and managing the litigation risks faced by companies.

Beyond his professional commitments, Md. Rakib Hassan extends legal aid to underprivileged women and children through “iProbono,” an international project operating in Bangladesh. As a dedicated Legal Advisor, he is characterized by erudition, organization, and a compelling drive to assist individuals in overcoming their legal challenges. He takes immense pride in maintaining the highest standards in the advice and guidance offered to clients, ensuring that each interaction is marked by excellence.

His commitment to extraordinary customer service is a defining strength, and he is adept at effective communication with individuals and professionals at all levels. Through his multifaceted roles, Md. Rakib Hassan contributes to the legal landscape with passion and proficiency, embodying a commitment to justice and empowerment in both professional and pro bono endeavors.

Md. Rakib Hassan’s multifaceted legal skills and commitment to justice make him an invaluable Director of Legal Affairs for Genesis Research Consultancy Limited, where he significantly contributes to the company’s success and legal integrity.

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