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Maruf Faisal Pallab, the Director of Marketing at Genesis Research Consultancy Limited, is a highly skilled professional with expertise in digital marketing and traditional marketing strategies. His academic foundation includes a B.Pharm degree from the prestigious Jashore University of Science and Technology (JUST) in Bangladesh.

Maruf Faisal Pallab, Director of Marketing, GRCL
Maruf Faisal Pallab, Director of Marketing, GRCL

Maruf’s professional journey in the field of pharmacy has been distinguished by notable accomplishments. He undertook internships with well-established pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh, including Square Pharmaceutical Ltd, Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd, and Albion Laboratories Limited. These experiences provided him with valuable insights into the pharmaceutical industry and its various facets.

In addition to his corporate internships, Maruf gained practical experience through internships at prominent healthcare institutions such as Jashore 250-bed General Hospital, Ad-din Sakina Medical College and Hospital, Chaugachha Upazila Health Complex, and Queens Hospital in Jashore. These experiences equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare landscape.

Maruf Faisal Pallab has also made significant contributions to the academic and research community. His research article titled “Potential determinants of childhood COVID-19 vaccine confidence among the primary school’s stakeholders in Bangladesh: a cross-sectional study to assess the effects of education” was published in November 2023 in the “Journal of Education and Health Promotion” (Q2; Wolters Kluwer).  Furthermore, he has another article currently under review, titled “Factors influencing COVID-19 vaccination decision among the religious students in Bangladesh: a nexus between anti-vaccination mindset and acceptance intention.”

As the Director of Marketing for Genesis Research Consultancy Limited, Maruf brings a unique blend of pharmaceutical expertise and marketing acumen. His commitment to both academic excellence and professional growth makes him a valuable asset to the organization.

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