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Genesis Research Consultancy Limited is Hiring

Genesis Research Consultancy Limited (GRCL) is actively seeking an experienced Graphics Designer with exceptional proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, Grid, Mid Journey (AI Software), and Adobe Photoshop. We value expertise and practical skills over formal education, making this an excellent opportunity for candidates with substantial experience in graphic design. If you have a strong command of English and the ability to understand and respond effectively to client needs, we invite you to apply for this role.

Why Join GRCL?

Contribute to Impactful Projects: Joining GRCL provides an opportunity to contribute to meaningful projects that support academic excellence and the advancement of research. Your work as a Graphics Designer will play a crucial role in shaping the visual representation of services that facilitate academic progress.

Collaborate in a Diverse Team: GRCL values diversity and fosters a collaborative work environment. By becoming a part of our team, you will collaborate with professionals from diverse backgrounds, creating an atmosphere that encourages innovation, different perspectives, and a rich tapestry of ideas.

Continuous Learning Opportunities: At GRCL, we believe in the continuous growth of our team members. Joining us means gaining exposure to cutting-edge marketing strategies and staying at the forefront of industry trends. We provide learning opportunities that contribute to your professional development as a Graphics Designer.

Global Engagement: As a Graphics Designer at GRCL, you will have the chance to engage with a global audience. Your designs will contribute to the expansion of the global academic and research community, reaching diverse stakeholders and fostering international collaboration.

Ethical Standards: GRCL prides itself on upholding the highest ethical standards in scientific communication. By joining us, you become part of an organization committed to integrity, transparency, and ethical practices in every aspect of our work, aligning your professional values with a reputable institution.


This position is open to candidates of all nationalities.

Job contexts

In the context of the Graphics Designer position at Genesis Research Consultancy Limited, the role is defined as a dynamic and project-based opportunity. As a Graphics Designer, you will operate in a contractual capacity, ideally as a freelancer, providing flexibility and autonomy in your work. This structure emphasizes project-driven engagements, allowing for varied and stimulating tasks within the realm of graphic design. The dynamic nature of the role ensures exposure to diverse projects, contributing to the advancement of research and knowledge dissemination.

Job Responsibilities

As an experienced Graphics Designer at Genesis Research Consultancy Limited (GRCL), you will play a pivotal role in shaping the visual identity of our projects and contributing to the forefront of scientific communication. Your key responsibilities encompass a diverse range of tasks, demonstrating your proficiency and creativity in graphic design.

Logo Design

Utilize Adobe Illustrator and other pertinent tools to develop unique and visually captivating logos. Your creativity will contribute to establishing a distinctive brand identity for GRCL, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Cover Page Design

Create visually stunning and eye-catching cover pages for various publications and reports. Harness your skills in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to ensure that each cover page aligns seamlessly with the content it represents, captivating audiences and conveying the essence of the research.

Cartoon Illustration

Employ Grid, Mid Journey (AI Software), and other relevant tools to craft engaging and informative cartoons. Your illustrations will serve as visual aids, making complex scientific concepts accessible and compelling to diverse audiences, including researchers, academics, and the general public.

Image Editing

Edit and enhance images to maintain a high standard of visual content across different platforms. Using your proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, you will ensure that images are not only aesthetically pleasing but also convey information effectively, supporting the overall objectives of the projects.

Client Communication

Engage in clear and concise communication in English to understand and respond effectively to client needs. Your ability to interpret and translate client requirements into visually appealing designs will be crucial in delivering projects that exceed expectations and contribute to client satisfaction.

These responsibilities collectively underscore the multifaceted nature of your role as a Graphics Designer at GRCL. Your expertise will not only enhance the visual aesthetics of our materials but also contribute significantly to the success of projects that advance academic excellence and research globally.

Educational Requirements

A Bachelor’s degree in graphic design or fine arts is preferable; however, for experienced candidates, formal education is not mandatory. Instead, we prioritize practical skills and the possession of a robust portfolio showcasing proficiency in graphic design.

Experience Requirements:

We are seeking candidates with,
  • Proven experience and a compelling portfolio that demonstrates expertise in graphic design, particularly in using Adobe Illustrator, Grid, Mid Journey, and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Previous hands-on experience in various graphic design facets, including logo design, cover page creation, cartoon illustration, and image editing.

Additional Requirements

Successful candidates will possess
  • A strong command of the English language to effectively communicate with clients and team members.
  • Exceptional creative and conceptual thinking, showcasing an ability to bring innovative ideas to design projects.
  • Excellent attention to detail, coupled with the capacity to manage multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring each receives the necessary focus and creativity.

Job Description

Employment Status: This position operates on a contractual and project basis, ideally suited for freelancers who value flexibility and autonomy in their work.

Salary: Competitive, with additional incentives based on performance, reflecting our commitment to recognizing and rewarding exceptional contributions.

Gender and Diversity

GRCL is proud to be an equal-opportunity employer, actively encouraging candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply. We believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace fosters creativity, innovation, and a richer exchange of ideas.

Working Environment

Our working environment is characterized by collaboration, fostering an atmosphere of innovation and dedication to supporting the professional growth of our team members. We encourage a culture of openness where ideas can flourish, contributing to the collective success of our projects.


Located in Jashore, Bangladesh, our workplace is designed to inspire creativity and collaboration. The job can be on-site or remote basis.

Job Location

Jashore, Bangladesh – a vibrant city that provides an excellent backdrop for professionals to thrive in their careers while enjoying a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

How to Apply

If you have proven experience with Adobe Illustrator, Grid, Mid Journey (AI Software), and Adobe Photoshop, and possess excellent English communication skills, we invite you to apply. Please submit:

  • Detailed CV highlighting your professional background and experience.
  • Cover letter outlining your skills, experience, and interest in the role.
  • Relevant graphic design samples showcasing your proficiency with the mentioned software.

Email your application to / with the subject line “Graphics Designer Application at GRCL – [Your Name].”

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview. The interview process will commence on February 3, 2024, and will remain open until the position is filled.

Address: Genesis Research Consultancy Limited, House-23, Navaran, Jadabpur, Jhikargachha, Jashore-7432, Bangladesh

Join us on this exciting journey of knowledge dissemination and scientific communication, where your expertise can make a significant impact!

Job Category: Graphics Designer
Job Type: Freelance
Job Location: Jashore Remote
Number of Positions: 1
Nationality: Open to all nationals
Workplace: Office Work from home

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